Our home and base

Trew Eventing

With such fantastic facilities at Foxbury Springs we can offer exclusive competition and short term training livery spaces.
All horses on livery are cared for as our own and we take pride in giving them the utmost level of care. Each horse’s personal needs are met alongside their daily turnout, groom and exercise.

  • Competition & Training Liveries have full access to our facilties which include;
  • 20x40m Rubber arena with training mirrors
  • *Newly installed* 30x70m waxed sand arena
  • 20x60m grass arena
  • Small selection of practice XC fences
  • Hot and cold wash box with heat lamps
  • Set of show jumps
  • Grass Gallop Track
  • Cyclo-ssage Equine Massage System
  • Individual Turnout Paddocks
  • Separate Solarium

Year round individual turnout paddocks are provided in secure post and rail fencing, maintained and supervised by on site staff 24/7.

Foxbury Springs hosts 4 seperate stable areas which are all carefully maintained and well looked after. All stables are fitted with rubber matting and the option of shavings or straw bedding is provided. Staff live on site and are on hand day and night.

We work closely with equine nutritionists and supplement experts who specialise in their fields to ensure that all horses receive a balanced diet which is planned for them and adjusted accordingly. All horses are supplied with ad lib haylege to suit their needs.