Invest in potential stars of the future

We currently have a quality string of horses at various levels based at Foxbury Springs who are trained and competed by Trew Eventing. Many of the horses are potential candidates for top competition and we are pleased to offer a selection of them for syndication.

About Syndication

What Syndication Means

Horse ownership and syndication has been around for a very long time and is of paramount to riders that are trying to get the very top of their game.  Being based at my home of Foxbury Springs I am very fortunate that I can offer a little extra and a slightly more fun syndication than the standard cost sharing.  I also appreciate that this is a huge commitment for someone and I would therefore like to outline what I can give in return.

The good news is that all of the costs of running my horses are usually predetermined, and syndications can come in many affordable price ranges.  It is quite simply the best way to be involved in this fantastic sport and of course become part of our family and enjoy British Eventing.

What Does Syndication Cost?

The shared costs for owning and maintaining an event horse can vary greatly but a syndicate for an annual maintenance & support enables me to continue with training and competing. You can join a syndicate already in progress or you can gather a group to purchase a syndicate together. For example, maybe a group of friends from your yard want to form a syndicate group.  This would bring you altogether and give you something really special and extra to look forward to throughout the season.

Buy In: This is the one-time amount you pay to purchase your share of the horse.   As the horse improves & moves up through the levels your investment increases too.   Once your initial investment is made you will then own the corresponding percentage of that horse.  The majority share holder will have the overall deciding vote as to when the horses future may change, for example the horse being sold etc.

Annual Maintenance: This is the annual cost you contribute to keep your horse going.  The Annual Maintenance cost helps cover Livery & general upkeep, lessons & training, competition entry costs, shoeing, equipment, tack, veterinary care, insurance, travel and shipping to international destinations. This cost will vary based on the competition level of the horse and rider and the end goal for all parties involved.  This cost is split equally among the syndication members and of course each horse is different!

Tax Advantages: As a syndicate horse owner, you may enjoy also tax benefits.

What do you get?

Apart from becoming an owner you also are then part of the team and can travel and join us throughout the season at any of the events that Team Trew are attending.  We have great fun and as an owner you will benefit from being treated to great hospitality!  All my owners are given passes for all the events and will be catered for.  If you are a rider and owner yourself then you will be most welcome to come to Foxbury Springs and join us for training and be part of the team.